8 Reasons to Rekindle Your Love Affair with Bread

If you’ve broken up a long, loving relationship with bread, thinking it’s simply too delicious to be good for you, think again. Bread has many positive traits. Here are some first steps for getting a little bread — and a little happiness — back into your life.

1. Provides more fiber.

Bread contains wheat, and whole grain wheat contains fiber, an important nutrient for digestive health. That’s good news to digest.

2. Adds energy for an active lifestyle.

Bread offers carbohydrates for long-lasting energy and optimal exercise. Work bread in, get a better workout.



3. Builds your muscles.

The carbohydrates in bread also contain protein that is of high biological quality and helps form muscles.

4. Fuels your brain.

As an important source of carbohydrates, bread is a fuel that helps bodily tissue function, including brain tissue.

5. Has fewer faults (calories) than you think.

Worried about weight gain? What a minute: A slice of whole wheat bread, depending on the type, can be under 80 calories. About the same as an egg, string cheese, or 8 baby carrots. 

6. You knead your nutrients.

The grains in bread contain important vitamins and minerals such as iron and Vitamin B complex.



7. Plays happily with other foods.

Bread is easily combined with other types of food —like a sandwich with veggies, meat and cheese — for even more nutrition.

8. Contributes to a balanced diet.

Half a loaf is better than none, but even a small amount of bread adds to balanced nutrition, not to mention pure happiness. So go ahead…loaf a little with something you love. 

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